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Photography Workshops in Namibia 2023

Our Photography Workshops offer something for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our experienced instructor, with over 30 years experience, will guide you through the basics of photography and teach you how to take amazing shots. Our workshops are presented in Windhoek and relevant nature places in Namibia, providing a perfect setting for you to hone your camera skills.

"Discover Your Inner Photographer: Photography Workshops for All Levels"


For those old clients of mine and new interested people in my workshops, this is the place to be updated with photography workshops that I intend to host this year. I am working on various different workshops for the rest of the year, but the plan is to have a beginner workshop every month because of the demand. The next one other than the beginner workshop will probably be an intermediate workshop for people who have already done the beginner's. Let me know if you have specific needs.

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