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Photography Workshops in Namibia 2023

I have been hosting a lot of photography workshops through the years, mainly in Windhoek, and more toward beginner photography. I have decided to concentrate on the outdoors more and thus my first workshop for 2023 will be a cracking landscape workshop on the edge of the Namib desert at Greenfire Desert Lodge.

I have had a strong liking for landscape photography, especially the Namib desert since my beginning years in the mid-1980s when we still had only slide film to work with as the preferred medium back then.

You can rest assured of two major advantages I have compared to some other workshop hosts that come and go. I am a Namibian born and bred and I know the country very well secondly, I have a vast experience in photography in general as well as the editing process which is equally important with digital photography these days.


Landscape Photo Workshop

Southern Namibia - at the edge of the Namib Desert

Dates: April 22, 23, and 24 

Place: Greenfire Desert Lodge - 440 km from Windhoek

Other workshops to follow soon

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