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About Me

Johan Jooste

Local Namibian professional photographer Johan Jooste from Windhoek started with photography way back in 1984 and has traveled the country extensively over the years. Johan has developed a fondness for nature photography, be it landscapes, animals, birds, or insects. Some aspects of photography that he put a strong emphasis on are in detail and light. You don't need to have the latest expensive equipment to take good photos, but if you learn to read a scene and how to utilize good light, then you are bound to succeed. Johan is doing freelance photography for at least ten years on a full-time basis and lately has done a number of photography workshops in Windhoek and through the Namib desert. Johan is the ideal person to show you the beauty of Namibia and to help you with your own photography in order to go home with images that you can be very satisfied with.

Johan achieved an Associate certificate from the Photographic Society of Southern Africa in 1992. He had many of his photos printed in newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

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