Johan Jooste

I am a professional photographer from Namibia in south-western Africa. It's 36 years since I joined a local camera club to start my photography career.Today I have the privilege to plough back my experience through photo workshops which is especially popular for beginner photographers. Photography enabled me to meet many new people and to see many new places in a new light that the ordinary person might not have the opportunity to experience.

From humble beginnings in the 1980s to today, I have witnessed the transformation from film to digital and I have embraced the concept of editing my own pictures the way I want, which was difficult in the old days.

Namibia lends itself to the photographer in such a splendid way, be it to photograph it's landscape, wildlife or people. 

With the advancement of new technology, so many more people have access to picture taking opportunities today with their cellphones, but still, for serious photographers, DSLR and lately Mirrorless cameras prevail.