Landscapes of Namibia

Namibia lends itself to landscape photography with it's vast open stretched areas, mountains and deserts. Namibia is a relatively dry country with little rainfall compared to other countries. Therefore is it no surprise to find no less than two deserts in Namibia, namely, the Kalahari desert in the east and the Namib desert in the west. In this gallery, you can see examples of the beautiful landscapes that can be found in Namibia. Johan likes to take photos of the Namib desert because of the variety one get there like the variety in height and colour of the dunes, not to mention the endless shapes and forms as well as textures.


Light is everything and therefore is early mornings and late in the day prefered. Johan's tip to other landscape photographers is to not only use wide-angle lenses but to experiment with all the lenses that you have. Even telephoto lenses can be used successfully in landscape photography. Namibian landscapes are sought after by photographers from all over the world. Enjoy my landscape photos in this gallery. For maximum effect, please watch them big.

Photos of the world-renowned landmark of Namibia, namely Sossusvlei, is well represented in the landscapes gallery. Sossusvlei is more than just a place. It is a magnet for tourists and nature lovers, especially, landscape photographers. Dunes comprising of different colours ranging from yellow, light brown, orange, to purple is not uncommon.

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