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Bird Photography

  1. Choose a good location: Namibia is home to many bird species, consider visiting national parks and reserves.

  2. Equipment: Use a long lens (300mm or more) with a tripod to stabilize the camera and get sharp images.

  3. Timing: Early morning or late afternoon light is best for bird photography.

  4. Patience: Birds can be skittish, so be patient and wait for the right moment to take the shot.

  5. Blend in: Wear neutral clothing and use a blind or camouflage to blend in with the environment.

  6. Settings: Set the camera to a high shutter speed to freeze bird movements, adjust aperture for depth of field and ISO for lighting conditions.

  7. Background: Pay attention to the background, try to avoid distracting elements or choose a clean background to make the bird stand out.

  8. Behavior: Observe birds and anticipate their behavior, this can help you capture more natural and dynamic shots.

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