Photo Editing Workshop

Windhoek, Namibia

July 2, 2022

Arebbusch Lodge

Why should you attend?

Digital photography is such that photographers now have the great opportunity to edit their own photos according to their own style. In the old days of film, photographers had to be content with how the shop where the films were developed and printed, adjusted their photos. Now that capability is in our own hands through the use of software programs running on computers. If you shoot in the RAW format as you should, then only a bare minimum of editing is done in-camera, the rest is up to us how much of the data that was captured in RAW, we want to further develop and enhance. This is where editing or also called, Post Processing comes in to create those masterpieces that you always dreamt of. Don't fall for those who boast that their pictures are straight from the camera and they prefer not to edit them, what a shame because they don't know what they miss by not editing their photos.