Wedding Photography

Johan is also doing weddings in Namibia, and you can rest assured that you will get what you asked for and more. Wedding couples who are looking for a photographer for their wedding should do their homework before making that vital choice because it can very easily turn sour if their wedding photos are disappointing. 

Johan is a professional photographer who rates quality very highly and that includes his view on detail, especially with regards to the white dresses of the brides. He believes that the bridal dress is one of the most important items for the bride and the wedding that must really shine through in his photographs. It is the job of the photographer to do justice to a wedding in terms of the quality and creativity through their use of expertise and their experience that can help would-be couples to look for the right photographer for the job.

Why should you book me? For starters, I shoot with two cameras and a variety of lenses to be able to cover from 18mm wide-angle to 200mm telephoto range at all times. I mostly use on and off-camera flash with diffusers to ensure soft even illumination and to balance the daylight with the flash. Don't be misled by many of today's wedding photographers who only shoot in available light to find many of their backgrounds over-exposed to compensate for dark shadows on their subjects. Thereby also causing the detail on the wedding dress and skin-tones to "burn" out. Have a look at my photos and pay careful attention to the detail.