Photography Workshops 2022


Johan Jooste is the sole owner and workshop facilitator with photography experience spanning 37 years in most genres of photography. Johan has a preference for nature photography but his work as a television cameraman ensured that he encountered a broad spectrum of different topics and tried most of them. He hasn't had formal education in photography other than through experience, although he was involved with the Photographic Society of Southern Africa and in 1992 he obtained an Associateship certificate from PSSA.

There will be various workshops that run at certain times during the year. It is advisable to book in advance as there usually is a big demand for attendance by the public. Workshop dates will be scheduled at least two months ahead so that you can do your planning around those dates. All workshops will take place in Windhoek except for wildlife and landscapes, which will still be decided on. Take a look below to familiarize yourselves with future workshops and to make your bookings.