Johan Jooste Photography host various photography workshops / training in Windhoek, Namibia throughout the year. Photographers can contact me or keep an eye on this page for updates. The workshops consist of the following genres:

  • Beginners to intermediate photography - (new - 2 days)

  • People - including wedding photography

  • Post Production - the finished product

  • Wildlife photography workshop - wildlife sanctuaries near Windhoek (once a year in Etosha)

  • Landscape workshop - Namib desert (still to be announced)

All workshops are subject to a sufficient number of registered participants to take place. If less than six participants register for any workshop, it is the prerogative of Johan Jooste to cancel such a workshop. Participants who have paid will then be remunerated in full. Because of problems in the past where people have filled out the online form to register, but never responded, a 50% deposit is required with registration to ensure your booking.

All workshops consist of a theoretical class followed by practical exercises. Venues will be announced later but all workshops, except wildlife and landscapes, are conducted in Windhoek.

Photographers in other areas of Namibia, please organize enough people for a workshop and together we can arrange for me to travel to your town. Additional travelling expenses can be worked into the price. Please contact me in advance since suitable dates need to be coordinated to fit in with my regular schedule.

People are asking about the price per workshop. Please click on "Register Now" to see the price and more detail, although you are in no way bound to register unless you complete the rest of the form. IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THAT IF LESS THAN 80% BOOKINGS ARE RECEIVED, THE WORKSHOP WILL HAVE TO BE POSTPONED. ALSO, IF YOU DO REGISTER, MAKE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND AND YOU HAVE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT. YOU RISK BEING BLACKLISTED IF YOU BOOK AND THEN NOT ATTEND.


Basic Beginner's Workshop

Bring all your equipment to the workshop. Camera equipment, flash and tripod.

If you don't have a DSLR camera, it's fine, you will still learn the basics.


  • Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO) - Depth of field

  • Metering Modes

  • Creating sharp pictures (focussing techniques)

  • Composition beginner tools

  • Histogram

  • White Balance

  • RAW vs Jpeg

  • Which lens to use

  • Vibration Reduction - Image Stabilization

  • Exposure Compensation


  • Different makes and models (Nikon, Canon, Sony), (D7100, D750 etc.)

  • Different sensor sizes (FX & DX)

  • DSLR Terminology

  • Shooting Modes

  • How to hold a camera

  • Lens focal length

  • Flash

  • Tripod

  • Memory Cards - storage

  • Batteries - chargers

People Workshop

For the people workshop, you already need to know at least the basics of photography and have a sound understanding of your equipment. Additional to that, we will also work with outdoor flash techniques as well as an off-camera flash that gets diffused.

  • Portraits - Natural light indoors (theoretical & practical)

  • Portraits - Natural light outdoors (theoretical & practical)

  • Portraits - how and where to crop

  • Portraits - individual posing female

  • Portraits - individual posing male

  • Portraits - group posing

  • Portraits - using on-camera flash indoors (theoretical & practical)

  • Portraits - using on-camera flash outdoors (theoretical & practical)

  • Portraits - using off-camera flash indoors

  • Portraits - using off-camera flash outdoors with diffusers

The same basic principles of lighting your subject is also applicable with wedding photography. 

What do you get out of my workshops?

  • You get the opportunity to interact with other like minded people who share the same passion for photography as you. You get to know new people that can become your friends so you can go and take pictures together.

  • You learn through theoretical and practical lessons from me as well as from others in one-on-one situations and since the workshops are designed to only accommodate a small group of no more than eight people, you have ample time to ask questions and thus you will not disappear like when it's a bigger group.

  • I have more than thirty years experience in photography in all genres so I am in the ideal position to teach you all I have learnt through trial and error. You get personal attention to sort out any problem you may have.

  • The practical sessions help you to try out what you have learned in class immediately before you might forget. The theoretical sessions are not too long and are then followed with practicals to ensure no-one gets bored.

  • You will receive a certificate and the course material afterwards by email. You are also encouraged to keep contact with me after the workshop to ensure that you are on the right path.

Sample Certificate from each workshop

Once you have registered with the form below, you will get an invoice of which 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.