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Welcome to all interested photographers who would like to take the next step up from the Beginner Workshop. See what is included in the new "Intermediate" Photo Workshop that will be hosted by Johan Jooste Photography.

Intermediate Photography Workshop Learn to use flash photography

Make the step-up!

  • Main Theme - How to photograph people in different scenarios.

  • Lighting - Ambient Light (use diffusion scrims and reflectors with sunlight, no flash).

  • Lighting - On-Camera Flash (use bounce flash and flash diffusers to soften the light).

  • Lighting - Off-Camera Flash (use the flash on a stand with umbrellas and softboxes).

  • Person/Model - Learn the basics of posing techniques and how to direct the model.

  • Background - What to look for when choosing a location to photograph people.

  • Workshop - 30% Theoretical and 70% practical exercises.

  • Other - Equipment needed is a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, tripod if you have one, flash (Speedlite), lenses that you have.

  • Other - Extras include camera techniques for getting the most from your camera's focussing system including the use of back-button focussing.

  • A model will be at hand for practice shots.

  • Ample time for questions.

  • Reviewing of photos afterward in the class.


Who is the workshop for?

If you have mastered the basics of photography, in other words, if you at least know how to operate your camera, know the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed and ISO), and know where to find the most important settings of your camera, then you are ready for the next step.

If you find yourself wanting to take mostly people photographs, but you're struggling to get what you want, then it's time to learn about how to light your people subjects. To photograph people, you need at least one flash, because in many instances, you will want to photograph them indoors and a flash is an absolute must for that. You will learn how to use a flash properly indoors and outdoors. You just cannot rely on ambient light alone.

The other part of photography that ruins a lot of photos is bad focusing. I will teach you easy ways to ensure your "keeper" rate improves a lot because even a slight out-of-focus subject is hard to correct. Focussing is a critical part of photography. We will have a model to practice on and you will have enough time to make sure you get it right. IMPROVE YOUR PEOPLE PHOTOS NOW.

What you need for the workshop

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

  • A tripod (to be used with a long shutter speed in low light conditions).

  • An external flash (not the built-in camera flash).

  • Modifiers like an umbrella, bounce reflectors, etc.

  • A cable release to trip the shutter or if not, we can use the self-timer of the camera.

  • Collapsable reflectors and backdrop (if you have one).

  • A wide-angle prime or zoom and a medium telephoto lens up to 200mm or more.

  • A laptop with Lightroom Classic, not Lightroom CC.

What you get

  • You get a certificate for attending, but not a qualification - I am not an education institution like a college or university.

  • You will gain a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience - I am with you all the time.

  • You are with like-minded photographers that share the same interest as you.

  • Knowing how to photograph people properly will enable you to possibly start your own photography business one day.

  • You work under controlled conditions and at your own pace - your questions are answered on the spot.

  • You get all the theoretical class material after the workshop for you to fall back on if needed.

  • Theoretical Class - slide show with examples for the workshop and discussion.

  • Practical - we go outside into the garden for practical sessions and every participant gets involved.

  • Morning coffee/tea with a brötchen, water, and afternoon coffee/tea with cake is included.

  • A light lunch is available for your own pocket.

  • Transport to the venue at Pension Kleines Heim is on you

  • Pictures taken will be reviewed - as time permits.

  • Workshop Times: 09:00 - 12:00 (morning session), 12:00 - 13:00 (lunch), 13:00 - 16:00 (afternoon session)

How to get to the venue

Book your spot now below!

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