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Landscape Photo Workshop

4 Wheel Drive vehicle not needed to get there


April 22 - 25, 2023

Camping & Self Catering or Rooms at the lodge

Self-Drive except on the farm

This is a once-off opportunity for landscape photographers not to be missed!

Your chance to get some unique desert photos of landscapes that are very similar to that of the world-famous NamibRand next door. Have a look at the pictures below.

Photographs supplied by lodge management
Click photo to expand
Johan Jooste, photographer

Your Host and photographic guide

Johan Jooste - APSSA

Namibian based professional photographer

I started photography in 1984 when I joined a local camera club. I achieved my APSSA certificate from the Photographic Society of Southern Africa in 1992. Since 2010, I am doing photography full-time. Many of my pictures were used in magazines and on billboards and I have entered many photo Salons, also internationally.

In the last few years, I have done many photo workshops but mainly for beginners. I have decided to spread my wings a bit more and concentrate on what I love, namely the outdoors. This landscape workshop is the first of the year with more to follow suit. My photography experience covers most genres of photography with a strong preference for nature subjects. My outlook on photography is to simplify the situation through the knowledge that I gained through many years of experience.

Why should you join?

You will be with just a handful of like-minded photographers on a big outstretched conservation area of 9 500ha with unique and exquisite landscape possibilities of the Namib Desert that is rare and hard to find at such an affordable price. The time of year was chosen because by then the landscape will have green grass (hopefully) as the foreground and if we're lucky, also some clouds.

  • If you love landscape photography with an appropriate mix of animals thrown in, then this is it. Moreover, this is one of the unique desert landscape areas where you find sand dunes, gravel plains, and mountains, all in one. Paging through the photos above should make you want to go right now. The area is very similar to the world-famous NamibRand which borders to the north of Greenfire Desert Lodge. There is no restriction on time, day or night, like at Sossusvlei for instance.

  • Photography will be done at the most scenic spots of the conservancy where Ettienne will take us in their vehicle. We will be utilizing the early and late hours of the day, which is best for those winning photos. There will be ample time for photography and you will not be rushed to finish your shots.

  • If we are lucky, we could still get some clouds to round off the perfect composition. In April, the scenery should be spectacular after the rains and there should be an abundance of animals as well. Animals like gemsbok, springbok, giraffe, and ostrich are the main ones and with luck, Cape fox, jackal, and some bird species could be encountered as well.

  • I will be present at all times for photography guidance and to answer your questions. The period was chosen to coincide with the new moon for those who like to do some star photography. The desert's dark sky is ideal for that.

  • If you are from southern Africa and you plan to come to Namibia on tour, while you're also a keen photographer, this workshop should be included in your itinerary - something not to be missed.

  • You don't need to be an expert photographer to participate in this workshop, however, a thorough understanding of your equipment is vital as there would be no time to explain the basics.

What will you learn?

  • Landscape photography is all about light and a few other things, which I will discuss here. Therefore we will utilize the early morning light and again late in the day, in other words, at sunrise and sunset when we have the warm colours which make photos interesting and colourful.

  • The sky area is usually a good deal brighter than the foreground, and for that, a photographer has to try and compensate. Two methods that should work are to lower the contrast by the use of filters, and the second method is to bracket exposures and fix them in post-production afterwards. If it's possible, a graduated neutral density filter and/or polarizer would be very handy for this purpose.

  • A tripod is a necessity because of the low lighting conditions that we will encounter. If you have a cable release or an intervalometer then bring it as well, but if not, the camera's 2-sec self-timer function should work just fine.

  • Bring a variety of lenses ranging from a wide angle to a telephoto which could all be used.

  • If time permits, we will do some time-lapse photography when there are clouds moving or just sunset or sunrise time-lapses.

  • I have chosen the time to coincide with the new moon for those who are interested in Milkyway photography at night. 

  • You will also learn how to look for good compositions in the landscape - often one needs to change your viewpoint for a better composition. What you should and should not include in the frame.

  • You will also learn or get a refresher, for those who already know, how to maximize sharpness throughout your photo not only by using a small aperture but also by where to focus. You might find objects in the landscape that you can isolate and we will deal with that aspect as well.

  • You will learn how to read your camera's histogram if you do not already know that and then adjust exposure to prevent highlights from losing detail.


Include this landscape photo workshop in your tour to Namibia

Map coming from Windhoek
Map coming from South Africa

If you come from South Africa through either border posts of Vioolsdrift or Ariamsvlei, you will end up in the town of Grunau. The map takes you from there to Greenfire Desert Lodge.

What should you bring?

If you come with a hired camp-ready vehicle, you already have everything you need for camping, including a roof tent usually. There is a fireplace for braais (barbecue), just bring your own meat. Although April is already cooler, bring plenty of drinking water (bottled).

  • You have to get to the Lodge by yourself and a normal 2x4 vehicle is sufficient. 

  • Those people who want to camp, need to be self-sufficient with regards to food, water, wood, tent, etc.

  • There are showers with hot and cold water at the campsite. There is however no power at the campsite, but the lodge is only two kilometers from there. The kitchen area has a fireplace and wash basin under the roof. 

  • An inverter could be very handy to charge your camera batteries, but AC power is available at the lodge.

  • Those people who book a room, have dinner and breakfast at the lodge.

  • Transport for the photo excursions will be provided.

  • Camera equipment - A DSLR or Mirrorless camera will be preferable, lenses that cover from wide-angle to telephoto would be very handy, a tripod and or monopod is a must for low-light photography, filters like a polarizer and a graduated neutral density are recommended as well as enough batteries and memory cards. The desert could either be wet or dry and therefore a kind of dust cover for the camera and lens would be very handy. For astrophotography of the stars, a wide-angle lens of 20mm or wider and an f-stop of 2.8 or larger will be great to have.

  • A laptop computer is almost essential but not a must for the workshop. It is envisaged that we set aside some time during the day or in the evenings to review our photos of the day. Therefore a program like Adobe Lightroom or similar would be of great use to quickly add your day's shoot for viewing and discussion/evaluation.

Cost per person per day in United States Dollar

This rate is for 6 x pax - rates will be reduced accordingly if more than 6 people book

We have special rates for SADC member countries

Workshop & Accommodation:

Camping with own sleeping & food - US$ 150 p.p.p.d.
Lodge Twin Room, Sharing incl. dinner, bed & breakfast - US$ 250 p.p.p.d.
Lodge Twin Room, Single Supplement incl. dinner, bed & breakfast - US$ 290 p.p.p.d.

What is included:

  • The opportunity to photograph some of the best landscapes that Namibia has to offer in your own time. Your pictures will be unique and different compared to those from the well-known Sossusvlei area which has been photographed by millions of people.

  • Camping/lodging fee

  • Transport in a 4x4 vehicle on all workshop excursions.

  • Amenities at the campsite include hot & cold-water showers, a wash basin for dishes, and a fireplace for cooking or braaing meat.

  • Dinner & breakfast if booked in a room.

  • Johan will be the professional photo guide on all excursions. He will give guidance with the actual photography as well as with equipment if needed. Our host, Ettienne, from the management, is also a photographer and will accompany us to the most scenic places in the conservancy.

  • There are no vehicle and/or park fees like in many other Namibian Parks of NWR.

What is not included:

  • Own tent of some sort, camping chairs, and similar camping gear for your own comfort.

  • Food when camping - you need to bring your own food and cook it yourself (portable gas stoves work well)

  • We usually do a real barbecue on fire in the evenings and firewood will be provided - just bring your own meat.

  • All beverages including bottled water and alcohol.

  • Extras like sweets and biscuits.

  • Medical emergency kit.

  • Insurance for personnel and vehicle.

Twin-bedroom - Lodge
Camping Area
Camping Area
Dining Room
Dining Room - Lodge
Camping - Tents
Camping Area - For the tents

Book Your Spot

Please fill in the booking form below to book your spot in our landscape photo workshop. You will receive an invoice of which a 50% deposit is payable to secure your place. You can pay securely by card through our payment option. The final 50% is required one month before the start of the workshop, for which you will receive an additional invoice. The price includes all transport and activities.

We have special rates for SADC member countries

The Namibian dollar is on par with the South African Rand - both have equal value.
Pay only the deposit now!
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