Etosha - Nov'21


My latest trip in November of 2021 to Etosha National Park in Namibia was my most successful by far and I spent 9 days (3 days per each main camp) searching for possible photographic opportunities. By the Grace of God, I was given plenty of chances for good photography. As always, considering light, I mostly only went out early till about 10:00 and again in the afternoon from about 16:00 to maximise the best light as it was sunshine most of the time.

Here are some pointers that I can reflect on that helped me make the best of any opportunities to get good shots. I drove slowly along the roads and constantly checked both sides of the road for animals and birds. If you drive slowly, it helps not to scare the animals when you come to a slow stop next to or near them, which in turn helps you to position your vehicle in a favourable position to get the shot/s.

It is also noteworthy to find out from others, especially the tour guides, where you might find certain animals like lions for instance. Tourists want to see prominent species like lions, leopards, cheetah, elephants and rhino. I found that the sightings book in the check-in office for the most part wasn't very helpful as it was not updated regularly.

I hope that you will enjoy my photos and please feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question. Please make sure to view the pictures at full screen for maximum detail.